air handling unit specialists

50 Long Years Within The HVAC Industry. We Can Guarantee Quality Service

Elite air handling unit & heat exchanger specialists Ltd offer quality service and reliability in the HVAC industry.

The directors are well established in this industry and have a combined experience of 50 years in all aspects of heat exchanger manufacture and repair in factory or onsite situations.

Further accreditations in the air handling unit replacement and refurbishment sector are a speciality. Elite offers turn key solutions for clients as an option.

Services Offered

We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable solutions you are looking for.

Air Handling Unit Refurbishment

Replacements or refurbishments of all types. Fan changes, motor replacement, pulleys, belts plus more.

Heat Exchanger Repairs & Replacements

Repairs such as frozen tubes (freeze ups), pressure tesing plus more can all be arranged.


All types of fin & tube heat exchangers. All types of air handling products serving many industries.

Find out more about our air handlng and heat exchange products and services here.

Cost Effective Quality Service

Whatever your needs in this sector we are happy to talk about and give you a price and discuss your options.

Either remedial work to all unit types of HVAC units or more intense full scale operations we can assist.

All other types of installation and repairs, plans and services considered in the industry. Get in touch.